Dresdner Musikfestspiele

Lance Ryan singt den Tenorpart in Mahlers 8. Sinfonie "Sinfonie der Tausend" mit dem Israel Philharmonic Orchestra unter der Leitung von Omer Meir Wellber bei den Dresdner Musikfestspielen. Das Konzert findet am 21. Mai 2016 in der Dresdner Kreuzkirche statt.

Oper Dortmund

Lance Ryan singt den Tristan in der gefeierten Neuproduktion der Oper Dortmund zum letzten Mal am 29. Mai 2016.

Oper Köln

Lance Ryan singt ab 26. Juni 2016, erstmals an der Oper Köln, den Cavaradossi|Tosca.

Dresden, Semperoper

Lance Ryan singt erstmals die Rolle des Herodes|Salome im Rahmen einer Neuproduktion an der Sächsischen Staatsoper Dresden. Premiere 24. September 2016

Hess. Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Lance Ryan debütiert in der Titelrolle von Peter Grimes am Hessischen Staatstheater Wiesbaden ab 10. Februar 2017.

Oper Dortmund

Lance Ryan singt  Otello in einer Neuproduktion des Theaters Dormtund. Die musikalische Leitung hat Gabriel Feltz, Regie führt Intendant Jens-Daniel Herzog. Premiere am 26. III. 2017

Nederlandse Opera, Amsterdam

Lance Ryan singt Herodes|Salome im Rahmen einer Neuproduktion an der Nederlandse Opera Amsterdem ab dem 9. Juni 2017. Die musikalische Leitung hat Daniele Gatti, Regie führt Ivo van Hove.

Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Lance Ryan singt zur Saisoneröffnung 2017 in einer Neuproduktion die Titelrolle in Tannhäuser am Hessischen Staatstheater Wiesbaden.


The prolonged absence that has led to the neglect of my blog has several personal reasons which would be considered nothing but excuses to the unattached reader. Apart from an admission of pure laziness the problem of having what I feel to be worthy content has been the principle  reason of my neglect. Of course, my entry must provide some evidence to the contrary and I'm happy to justify this assumption.

I was just listening to a podcast on the internet which discussed the idea of the mental universe. The speakers were arguing that Idealism can be justified through quantum mechanics. Unfortunately, the argument was rather slow developing, but what really inspired me was the thought of how important it is to recognise the nature of the mental universe: essentially life.

What I hope to accomplish, at an allowable pace which will not bore any (if any) readers, is to explain why we need to emphasise the nature of the mental universe. Life is the greatest complexity of forces in the universe that is continually being exerted against entropy: the idea that when you leave your coffee on the table it will obviously get colder. Energy naturally disperses, but life amasses energy into creation to the extent that we can all look, feel and reflect upon the nature of the universe. This capacity is what evolution has developed into humanity. A real wonder that needs to be understood and appreciated for the benefit of all life.

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