Dresdner Musikfestspiele

Lance Ryan singt den Tenorpart in Mahlers 8. Sinfonie "Sinfonie der Tausend" mit dem Israel Philharmonic Orchestra unter der Leitung von Omer Meir Wellber bei den Dresdner Musikfestspielen. Das Konzert findet am 21. Mai 2016 in der Dresdner Kreuzkirche statt.

Oper Dortmund

Lance Ryan singt den Tristan in der gefeierten Neuproduktion der Oper Dortmund zum letzten Mal am 29. Mai 2016.

Oper Köln

Lance Ryan singt ab 26. Juni 2016, erstmals an der Oper Köln, den Cavaradossi|Tosca.

Dresden, Semperoper

Lance Ryan singt erstmals die Rolle des Herodes|Salome im Rahmen einer Neuproduktion an der Sächsischen Staatsoper Dresden. Premiere 24. September 2016

Hess. Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Lance Ryan debütiert in der Titelrolle von Peter Grimes am Hessischen Staatstheater Wiesbaden ab 10. Februar 2017.

Oper Dortmund

Lance Ryan singt  Otello in einer Neuproduktion des Theaters Dormtund. Die musikalische Leitung hat Gabriel Feltz, Regie führt Intendant Jens-Daniel Herzog. Premiere am 26. III. 2017

Nederlandse Opera, Amsterdam

Lance Ryan singt Herodes|Salome im Rahmen einer Neuproduktion an der Nederlandse Opera Amsterdem ab dem 9. Juni 2017. Die musikalische Leitung hat Daniele Gatti, Regie führt Ivo van Hove.

Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Lance Ryan singt zur Saisoneröffnung 2017 in einer Neuproduktion die Titelrolle in Tannhäuser am Hessischen Staatstheater Wiesbaden.


Returning from two days in Rome to my little spot under the Fig tree I spent most of the morning reading in the german papers once again about the "asylum seekers crisis". I have little doubt that it is amounting to a real crisis, but from my tranquil vantage point it is rather difficult to sense the urgency. Up until this morning I had assumed that my apathy towards the crisis was of twofold reasoning: I don't feel threatened by the influx of immigrants (seeing as I am one of them myself) and a belief that the accent of media attention will instigate the powers that be to address the situation.

This morning, however, was different. Being subject to the hysteria in the italian media devouted to the abovementioned crisis one becomes desensitised by simple common-sense. Once the the german media begins to raise not only the chronicled plight of these people but also the ethical question, how shall we deal with this, I begin to feel a little uneasy. I recognise that the german desire for integration is of a high standard and good will, but at the same time should be reconsidered with a more tolerant attitude. Coming from Canada it's easy to distinguish those who harmonise and those who remain discordant: they create their own sense of insecurity.

These reflections which have no clairity of view, but at the same time I hold of strong conviction, are the fount of my unease. Shutting the door does not solve the problem and N.I.M.B.Y mentality will only raise the tensions. But can we, can I find it in myself to come to terms with results of social iniquity!?  We who wholly profit from Globalisation, will we not pay our dues in full!?

Sitting under the shade of the Fig, whose fruits provided me with breakfast, I begin to wonder: is paradise an egotistical desire? We all desire moments of well being as the rewards of life and I feel that we are all deserving of them in a responsible manner. These are the true tests of faith whose seeds were sown by the french revolutionaries. Are our libertarian ideals of man truly universal and to what extant are we willing to sacrifice for them? We cannot yet expect those of "Unenlightened" cultures to understand the intellectual need behind what we hold dear.

They will however never understand these ideals if we do not practice them and they remain solely prophetic words in cyberspace. Such as these? Sigh!






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