Dresdner Musikfestspiele

Lance Ryan sings the tenor solo in Mahler's 8th Sinfonie "Sinfonie der Tausend" with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Omer Meir Wellber at the Dresdner Musikfestspiele. The concert takes place on may 21st, 2016 in the famous Dresden Kreuzkirche.

Oper Dortmund

Lance Ryan sings Tristan in the highly acclaimed new production for Oper Dortmund for the last time on May 29th, 2016.

Oper Köln

Lance Ryan will sing Cavaradossi|Tosca with Cologne Opera, starting on June 26th, 2016.

Dresden, Semperoper

Lance Ryan will sing his first Herod|Salome in a new production with Dresden's Semperoper. Premiere: septembre 24th, 2016

Hess. Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Lance Ryan premieres for the frist time in the title role of Peter Grimes with the Hessische Staatstheater Wiesbaden starting february 10th, 2017.

Oper Dortmund

Lance Ryan will sing the title role of Otello in a new production at the opera in Dortmund. Conductor Gabriel Feltz, staging Jens-Daniel Herzog. Premiere March 26th, 2017.

Nederlandse Opera, Amsterdam

Lance Ryan sings the role of Herodes|Salome in a new production at the Nederlandse Opera Amsterdam starting june 9th, 2017. Daniele Gatti will conduct, Ivo van Hove will direct the production.

Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Lance Ryan singt zur Saisoneröffnung 2017 in einer Neuproduktion die Titelrolle in Tannhäuser am Hessischen Staatstheater Wiesbaden.


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Evolution of Consciousness

The realm of Gods is the birth of cultural Man. A place of tribal individuation. Realising his being in time and space one acknowledged he was an element of the whole Mystery. A Mystery not to explain or understand, but to accept and fulfill.

The realm of God brought forth the Goal. An end all should seek and strive for. The path was laid bare from the mouths of disciples and its borders were to be feared. The Goal was taught as the root of all logic and desire. Resistence was condemned.

The realm of Man has lost the world. Existence is singular for each individual. Matter and energy is information which is indestructible, yet infinitely metamorphic. Intelligence exceeds the physical and our knowledge shall never bear the fruits of its realisation.

Losing the world we need to find cultural Man in a realm of Humanity.

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La Sagrada Familia, mocked by Urizen, expresses its adoration of humanity. 

The pursuit of perfection creates an ever narrowing horizon, closing out the world of possibility and breeds righteousness.

The Ideal is the downfall of man, leading to a path of damnation and redemption: entangled properties of quantum, morality.

The moment is the reality of existence. All that transpires is of our worth. Taking in all that is felt enriches the one who accepts time: not its passing, but its being.

We are made of the Universe and all it has ever contained. To obsess over its value is to lose its precious gift: Life.






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So why then is the Mental Universe so important and what does it offer the individual who understands its significance?

The element of subjectivity is essential to appreciating the Mental Universe. As each person and living being has its own unique perspective on existence it is the synchronicity of these perspectives which condition our own personal Universe.

Of course, not every living creature has the capacity to choose to what extent, if at all, it can contribute to the condition of the Universe and this argument can even be extended to the human capability of Free Will. After centuries of argument between Determinism and Free Will suffice it to say that the debate is most satisfactorily resolved with the choice of accepting or refuting destiny: I can decide to vote or not to vote, but my choice of candidate has probably been determined by the sum of my living experiences and exposure.



Having briefly side tracked and, hopefully, successfully contented the argument of subjective responsibility the importance of the Mental Universe results in life's greatest value: Happiness. It is the oldest of sayings that money can't buy Happiness and time flies when you're having fun, but it is in the last thirty years or so that its true value has started to become apparent. Happiness is being transformed from an ontological ideal to a qualitative measure of life. We are beginning to realise that those who are most successful at living are not the richest or most powerful but the happiest and that the mistaken longing of riches and power are the sure road to misery. The most effective way to assure one's Happiness is to follow the mantra written centuries ago above the entrance to the temple of Apollo in Delphi: Know thyself.



To know oneself is to have the knowledge of one's subjectivity. To be intimately acquainted with one's own desires, capabilities, weaknesses, awareness and surroundings is to be in touch with the Mental Universe. The greatest and inevitable consequence of this knowledge for humanity is the effect it has on the other. Arguably the greatest asset homo sapiens possess is social psychology. It is this capacity called theory of mind which has allowed humanity, for better or for worse, to dominate the planet. Humans are the animals of this planet that benefit the most from social interaction to the very point that it is fundamental to the goal of a successful life: Happiness.

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Having qualified rather objective ideas about the Mental Universe and discussed arguments against these ideas I'd like to move into why the Mental Universe is important.

Inherent in the concept of the Mental Universe is that it is subjective. Without our cognitive ability the Universe can said to be nonexistent. To prove otherwise is virtually impossible. The importance of this concept allows one to appreciate the value of the individual. One's existence is essential to the Universe and thus comes the ideas of universal rights and freedoms (all inlaid with respective responsibilities, but that is the subject of another discussion). To understand the worth of the indivual to the universe is to understand life within the four dimensions of the universe.

One the best philosophies of our time to recognise the value of life is Utilitarianism. It promotes the value of life and regards the quality of life as the ultimate goal. One of its modern day proponents and probably its most well known is Peter Singer. Singer has taken this  pre-Victorian thinking developed by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill to encompass a gobal society which takes into consideration all forms of life. Often seen as an extremist Singer condones the the actions of a hedge funds billionaire as long as his earnings are used to fund works of charity for the poor. By the same token he may disdain the raising of thouands of dollars to cure a child of cancer while feeling the same amount would go to better use to buy mosquito nets in poor African villages to save the lives of hundreds from malaria. Logical thinking: no doubt, but the accusations of extremism are no difficult to justify. Of course I am cherry picking some of Singer's more controversial arguments but his reasoning does lead to the aforementioned conclusions.

The concept of the Mental Universe, however, gives the individual the reasoning to avoid such extremes as represented by Singer.

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Before I begin to explain my ideas on the importance of the Mental Universe I must make two qualifying statements.

First, to assume that the entire nature of the Universe, or maybe better said "Our Universe", is mental is not to negate the fact that there exists an objective Universe. That is, matter which exists outside human consciousness. I can be sure that our nearest neighbouring galaxy Andromeda long existed before it's known existence. What it undeniable is that matter exists outside consciousness. However, without consciousness matter has the same relative value whether it exists or not. A flower has no meed of the sun for its photosynthetic metabolism if the flower doesn't exist. Therefore, the ability to perceive matter is essential for its existence. As long as there is any type of living animal, vegetable, bacteria, archea or virus that exists within the Universe then we can assure ourselves that the universe exists. One could extrapolate upon this idea and argue that in the realm of the Multiverse there is surely one universe where its physical parameters do not allow for life. That being conceded I would like to re-emphasise that when I talk of The Mental Universe I am refering to our Mental Universe.

Secondly, the Mental Universe isn't just a concept that speaks of minds as we think of our own. The human brain is the most complex mechanism in the Universe and is the seat of what we think of as mind. This does not eliminate other types of life which can contribute to the Mental Universe. The Universe  existed long before humantiy and will most likely continue to exist after our demise. What is becoming more evident with modern science is the fact that our Universe is very likely teeming with numerous forms of life throughout. The latest observations of exo planets have supplied us with the notion that unlimited  possibilities exist for life in our Universe beyond our planet. Thus, to believe that life in its infinite possible manifestations has and will continue to accompany the existence of the Universe is more than most likely. There is the problem of the very birth of our Universe allowing no such conditions for any type of life. To understand that for 500 000 years after the Big Bang the Universe was completely black as it took that amount of time for the photon to exist permits is to rationalise the time scale on which the Universe was formed. Life has not existed since the very beginning of time as nor has light as nor any elements heavier than hydrogen and helium which took hundreds of millions of years to form in nuclear reactions and supernovae of stars. Thus the construction of our Universe is somewhat akin to that of Rome: it was not built in one day.

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